Goodbye La Rumba Cozumel

Directly from a previous post by Angel Cano of La Rumba Cozumel:

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the news that, after 7 years, La Rumba is closing its doors. Our lease has ended and our building will be used for other projects by the owner. We hope you will forgive us if we get overly sentimental over the next few days as we share memories of these past 7 years. We would love for you to share any of your favorite memories as well. La Rumba began as a dream to share our (Mary and Angel’s) love of Latin music and culture with locals and tourists alike. Little did we know that we would form so many warm and wonderful friendships with our customers. Even less did we know that, shortly after opening, we would turn into a family of 4. Our two children literally grew up at La Rumba. Nico is now 6 and Luna 4 and they have spent time at the restaurant nearly every day of their lives since week one. As Nico said when I told him the news, “but mommy, I have seen videos and this is where I learned to walk!” To say that La Rumba is our second home is absolutely the truth. It is where our hearts and souls have been for the good part of a decade. So, yes, we’ll be getting sappy as we go down memory lane. It’s been a beautiful journey and we thank each and every one of you for being a part of it.

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