Salsa Links

Sandra and the Latin Grove

Singer, Dancer, and Entertainer Sanda is one of my Salsa Buddies and loves the Island of Cozumel. She visits several times a year and offers private classes when on the island.
Mambo Dinamico Dance Co.

Betto Herrera was my first salsa teacher and biggest inspiration when I started dancing. A master at interpertation of the music, he still teaches in North Carolina.
Edie the Salsa Freak

I love Edie for her Musicality Style and her ability to make salsa simple. A great teacher and dancer mainly for LA style, I try to base my classes off principles from Edie's techniques. I also highly recommend her DVDs.
La X Estereo

My Favorite Online Salsa Radio Station that plays 100% Salsa and only Salsa 24 hours a day!
Salsa y Timba Fest Cozumel

Every year Erick Cruz Ramirez and his family, promoters and salsa dancers living in Cozumel, host the only salsa congress in the island.
Masacote Entertainment

Ana Masacote is my salsa idol. She is the most elegant, artistic, and fluid salsa dancer I know. On top of that she's an excellent teacher. Ana's company teaches in Boston, Massachusetts.